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How to Fix Firmware File is Not Compatible iPhone iPad iPod

Press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” and “Home” buttons simultaneously. Release the two buttons when the Apple logo appears on the screen. Close all the apps and do not download any other content on your iPhone while the Update is on. Tried iOS update and restore, but it kept crapping out and never got to the actual restore feature.

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  • Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect your phone to your system.
  • Sometimes you get a black screen, and can’t do anything with your device.
  • WatchOS 8.5’s release comes two months after the release of watchOS 8.4.
  • Either the issue gets resolved with restarts or system repair or you are looking at costly hardware service.

And you can only contact Apple Support for help. Press and hold Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for about 10 seconds, release the Sleep/Wake button and keep holding Home button until iTunes detects the iPhone in recovery mode. This article will tell you how to recover iPhone data after restoring to factory settings. You can choose a suitable method based on your own situation. Thus, you should make an iOS update to solve iPhone keeps restarting iOS 12 if the issue isn’t fixed by app update/deletion. When the iPhone keeps crashing and restarting, the apps could be the problem. Hence, updating apps to the latest version might be able to solve it.

  • The operating software is updated frequently whereas.
  • The requested encryption is not supported by the product.
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If you have installed the latest iTunes version, and the problem is still here. You can manually download the firmware file. If you barely use iTunes to manage your iPhone, your computer probably didn’t recognize the firmware file. You can disconnect your iDevice and restart your PC. For some unknown reason, some anti-virus programs will cause the malfunction of firmware file. You can try disabling your anti-virus software for a while, and run iTunes to update or restore your iPhone again.

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The backup worked from an iPhone SE first generation (iOs 13.5.1) to an old iPhone 6 (iOs 12.5.1). The only issue was with three newer apps that are not supported with the previous iOs and were not installed.